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Here’s How It Works

The current drought in California has made it necessary for many people to consider removing their water dependent lawns & landscaping and replacing them with more drought tolerant alternatives, which require less water and maintenance.  We can safely remove your current lawn and give you a clean slate to start over.  This will save you money and help conserve water at the same time.

There are many methods for removing existing lawns, including herbicide, solarization and composting.  We prefer to use traditional sod cutting machines which remove the grass and several inches of dirt/roots below the surface.  This is the most efficient and quickest way to get the old lawn out and ready for new, low water plants and landscaping.

We will come out to your home and verify the square footage to be removed, as well as determine the type of lawn you currently have. Depending on the grass type, we may need to use additional methods to properly remove all of the turf.  Bermuda lawns have extremely long root systems and simply removing the top layer of grass/soil will not fully stop the grass from growing back in the future.

For small to medium sized yards, it generally takes one day to cut and remove the sod from your property.  For larger lawns, it can take an additional day or more.  Rest assured, your lawn will be removed safely with care for your existing plants and landscaping.  All of the lawn & green waste we remove is recycled for compost.