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Did You Know? County Turf Removal Rebates Can Be As High As $2.00/Sq Ft

It’s Time To Start Being Wise About Water in Twentynine Palms

This past summer, Governor Jerry Brown has enacted compulsory 25% home water decreases by all California residents including Twentynine Palms. Lawns require hundreds of gallons of water weekly to grow. Removing some or all of your yard can go a long way in helping conserve water during drought conditions. Our pro turf removal services will remove your existing lawn, while taking special care of other landscaping you intend to keep. You can even get a price quote for a low water landscaping plan to replace your old yards.



How It Works

It is quite easy get a quote for your turf removal project in Twentynine Palms. Just complete our easy online estimate form. That’s even better, if you can send us photos of your present yard. One of our professional staff will contact you with a removal estimate.


Your Property

We will schedule a handy time to go to your property and get a first hand look at the extent of your job. At this time we can give suggestions for drought tolerant landscaping that can work well with style and your yard of dwelling .


Let’s Get Started

We can generally begin on removing your present turf within a couple of days after you have signed off on the project strategies. The method of removing and killing the grass takes some time to do properly, so we get things going fast.


Lower Water Bills = $$$

We’re extremely confident that you will love your new low water landscaping. Will you’ve got a wonderful new yard that uses much less water than before, but you will be doing your part to help conserve water for California. Itis a win- win!


Expert Yard Removal In Twentynine Palms Is Only A Click Away

Turf removal sounds like a simple process, should you not require the care to ensure the old grass removed properly and totally dead, but there is plenty of ways to mess it up. Do it wrong and in a couple of months you will have a good lawn growing back again, this time in your new low water landscaping.
We have done turf removal projects in Twentynine Palms and many other Southern California cities, so we are familiar with the kinds of grass and what is needed to correctly eradicate. Let’s give you a cost on your job in Twentynine Palms. You won’t be unhappy with the results.

Want to have a beautiful yard that saves water & money?

Turf Removal Advantages

Water Savings

Smart, low water landscaping can use water close to 70% less than landscaping which features large yards and grass areas

Beautifying Landscapes

Regular yards can be transformed by low water landscapes into neighborhood showpieces.

Reducing Care

State-of-the-art irrigation plants and systems appropriate for the local climate can reduce the period of time spent on lawn care.

Minimizing Water Waste

Drought tolerant landscapes reduce the quantity of polluted water that winds up in the ocean and finally flows into creeks.

Preserving Energy

Smart landscapes demand less water saving huge quantities of energy, be treated and transported from the other side of the state.


56% Less Green Waste

Means a cleaner environment.


Alternative Landscapes

Use up to 83% less water.


Less Maintenance

Costs less & gives you more free time.


75% Water Bill Savings

Puts money back in your pocket.

Stop Wasting Money & Water. Get Your Removal Quote Today.

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